F.S.Key After the Song

Whom Would You Trust to Tell Your Life Story?

Part-Three of F.S. Key after the Song

Part-Three of F.S. Key after the Song – is titled: “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” Randolph unexpectedly returns home; weak, sickly and now a drug addict. Juba his slave and companion recounts his unusual and almost theatrical death scene and we explore the story, his will’s, and the freeing of his slaves. Francis Scott Key is devastated by his death but Jackson appoints him Chief Prosecutor for Washington, DC but now without his friend and advisor.

Part-Three of F.S. Key after the Song

The Creek Indian lands on the border of Georgia and Alabama turn into something resembling Israel and the Palestinians and Jackson sends Frank to settle a land dispute that could have ignited a civil war right then. Frank ends up settling the issue and also having an affair with the Governor’s wife. We’ll explore how Frank had become part of Jackson’s inner circle, his kitchen cabinet and now also becomes a full blown partisan warrior at a picnic for Roger Taney in Frederick in August 1834. It will be the first time he publicly speaks about his writing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Meanwhile the abolitionists movement is growing and they begin a direct mail campaign to the South that shakes up Jackson and becomes another piece in the the puzzle of Frank’s life. On August 8, 1835 a young slave, Arthur Bowen, is arrested, for carrying an axe into his owner’s quarters. The event sparks what becomes known as The Snow Riots. It leads Frank to an extraordinary courtroom drama that pits his Colonization Society head to head against the Abolitionists.

Serendipitously, it took a duel and the untimely death of another of Key’s sons, Daniel to end the entire ordeal, but also seems to end Franks public political career as he feels disgraced and forsaken by the public for the rest of his life, and tries to figure out why he and his compatriots views on slavery were wrong. We end our investigation by asking his brother-in-law why he decided Dred Scott as he did, to try to find the answers which don’t surprise us.

Part-Three of F.S. Key after the Song

Production of F.S. Key After the Song began in January 2015 and will continue through 2016 with the premiere broadcast targeted for July 2017. We have funded the program thus far through grants from the Delaplaine Foundation of Frederick, Maryland and some other philanthropic donations. However we are seeking additional corporate and philanthropic underwriting of $150,000 to complete and distribute the program. You can donate yourself specifically and directly to this project right now and help this project reach it’s full potential by clicking the button below. Your name will be listed as a donor on the film and website. MPT is a state agency and it’s Foundation is a 501c3 corporation so donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. All donations must be disclosed in the film credits and website.

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