F.S.Key After the Song

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Part-Two of F.S. Key after the Song

Part-Two of F.S. Key after the Song – is titled: “Might Versus Right” The heated 1824 election of John Quincy Adams is decided on irreparable political means and John Randolph, now in the Senate, will slyly begins to exploit it leading to a duel between Randolph and Henry Clay that ends peacefully but leaves an indelible mark on the Key family.

Part-Two of F.S. Key after the Song

Frank becomes quite a conspicuous leader of the colonization movement and he assists in the Antelope case that forces the subject of slavery upon the Supreme Court for the first time. It’s said to be Frank’s finest hour. In 1828 Jackson is overwhelmingly elected but the sudden death of his wife results in a scandal that nearly ends his presidency. Frank Key, working for all sides, becomes involved in the scandalous imbroglio that becomes known as the Petticoat Affair.

Part-Two of F.S. Key after the Song

We explore Nat Turner who leads the first meaningful rebellion against slavery and ignites the abolitionist movement but the resulting fear of slave revolts will set a collision course for Francis Scott Key. Jackson now well impressed with Frank champions him as lead defense council of staunch Jacksonian Sam Houston and cements Jackson’s support. We’ll discuss how the quick thinking of Martin Van Buren neatly ended the Petticoat Affair that consumed most of Jackson’s first term. Randolph becomes suspicious of Jackson’s growing effect on Frank and his strong central government leanings but takes a short lived appointment as ambassador to Russia.

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