F.S.Key After the Song

Whom Would You Trust to Tell Your Life Story?

Relase Date

Release Date – February 15, 2017. Rating: PG-13.

Relase Date
Year   :   February 15, 2017
By   :   Maryland Public Television & American Photoplay
Slogan   :   Understanding the past is the key to our future.
Genre   :   Documentary, History, Political, Current Events
Time   :   3 x 56:46 / 169 min. total
Budget   :   $350 000
Age   :   16+

A contemporary and compelling look at slavery through an ambitious docudrama series for national public television. F.S. Key After the Song continues the story of Francis Scott Key’s life and times after his writing of a song that would become the national anthem in 1814. It takes a fresh approach to a period in our history that has been long overlooked. The three part series will be a window into antebellum society and the attitudes and behavior of Americans on slavery that lead to Civil War and in some ways still exist to this day.

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