Participants – The list below shows the producers and other historical consultants and participants for the dramatic film about Francis Scott Key, (FSK) and the documentary on our national anthem.

Production & Producers


Philip J. Marshall 

Executive Producer, Film Director, Managing Member American Photoplay, LLC
Philip J. Marshall, MPT’s national executive producer and an active Directors Guild of America (DGA) member, will direct FSK. His recent experience and expertise in historical documentaries and earlier career in live action dramatic films, have garnered him national Emmys and a short subject Oscar.

Steven Schupak

Senior, Vice President Programming and Production for Maryland Public Television
At Maryland Public Television, Mr. Schupak’s responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of current productions and a development slate of national and local programs. Mr. Schupak’s background in the television industry began 25 years ago at the ABC Television Network.

Dan Bailey

Visual Effects Consultant
Dan Bailey’s films and animations have received numerous national and international awards. In 2002, he founded the Visual Arts IRC Fellows program at UMBC, which is designed to recognize, reward and encourage students who have displayed exceptional artistic talent in computer art. In special seminars, the Fellows have worked in many areas of digital art including virtual reality, spherical filmmaking, animation, interactive sound, and networked video.


Film Editor & Post Production Visual Effects Manager
For more than 20 years, William Kruzykowski has employed his editorial visual effects skills to create documentaries, feature films, and television programs. He has worked with such notable directors as Cameron Crow, Warren Beatty, Elaine May, David Mamet, Paul Newman, and Woody Allen, with whom he has worked on 10 films.

Consultants & Experts


Dan Bailey

Imaging Resource Center (I.R.C.) University of Maryland, Baltimore

Thomas E. Carney, J.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Constitutional History Division, Legal, Ethical and Historical Studies, Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts, University of Baltimore

Glen E. Campbell

Senior Historian, Historic Annapolis Foundation

Linda Christenson, Esq.

Executive Director, Pride of Baltimore, Inc.

Matthew Crenson, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Political Science

Dr. Ralph Eshelman, Ph.D.

Maritime Historian and Author

Christopher T. George

Historian & Author

Alan Gephardt

Seasonal Ranger, Ft. McHenry National Park, National Park Service

Don Hickey, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of History, Wayne State College

Orin Hargraves

Lexicography and Language expert

David Hildebrand, Ph.D.

Musicologist, Colonial Music Institute

Burton K. Kummerow

Director, Maryland Historical Society

John Maass, Ph.D.

United States Army Center for Military History

Gregory J. Nedved

Trustee, The National Museum of Language, College Park, MD

Edward C Papenfuse, Ph.D.

Maryland State Archivist & Commissioner of Land Patents

Jill Robbins, Ph.D.

Trustee, National Museum of Language, College Park, MD

George Russell, Ph.D.

American History, St. John’s College, Annapolis, MD

Philip H. Towner, Ph.D.

Dean, NIDA Institute for Biblical Scholarship, American Bible Society

Vince Vaise

Park Ranger, Ft. McHenry National Park, National Park Service

Steve Vogel

National Staff Writer, The Washington Post